Things You Didn't Know A Data Room Can Do

The latest and greatest software features are not just for your phone anymore. With longer, more complex businesses, VDR is innovating. Transaction management technology now does so much more for you than just storing your documents. Here are five unique ways VDRimproves your game.

Organize With AI

This is not grandparents’ computer room. While we are all happy that you no longer have to set up and rummage through physical filing cabinets, do not drag this cumbersome process mentally online.

Rely on VDRwith AI-enabled automatic categorization, document preview and document translation in the app to quickly classify information. Use OCR search down to character level to find the information you need. Rely on simple drag-and-drop interaction to get your computer room up and running with ease.

And do you work on the purchasing side? Do we have anything for you? Skip hours of mapping checklists by having the vendor upload documents to your own VDR index.

Manage Checklists

Are you worried that asking Steve again when he will complete the deep dive into the contracts will result in bloodshed? In our latest survey of over 590 corporate contractors, 47% had trouble tracking the progress of their workflow, and it’s no wonder contract teams manage so many different stakeholders and their respective workflows.

Tracking combines the flexibility of lists with real-time analytics, allowing you to centralize your tasks in one place and automate workflow updates. Easily replicate your current checklist or use one of our own templates. From there, trackers are as dynamic as the agreements you work with and easy to manage with grouping, filtering, custom permissions or insertable rows and columns.

Once you have set up trackers, you get access to the dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of the entire business process. Switch by status and priority to see pending items, see upcoming business milestones and stay up to date on the latest document uploads and @ reviews.

Collaboration in the Cloud

Effective collaboration has never been more important as companies grow and employees span continents. Stop chasing peers and get them to come to you by centralizing due diligence.

Creating due diligence findings has never been easier thanks to our built-in Findings tool, which keeps all findings in one easy, sortable place. Eliminate uncertainty by forcing the extended contract team to provide concise, standardized responses via a template that links directly to the underlying files and documents. See updates as they appear, and search for more details.

Keep all your team chats organized, accessible and secure based on findings, so you can report important risks directly to colleagues. Use @reviews to take notes on the underlying material and make sure no one misses the message.

Immediate Reporting

You have a wealth of information at your fingertips in your data site, but how do you share this insight with the wider team? Each VDR project has dedicated analytics, so you can easily track folder scan progress, top-view documents, document changes, login activity, and permission history.

Even better, schedule your reports to be sent out periodically. The data is updated every 5 minutes to ensure that you receive the latest updates. Do not see what you need? Contact our service team to set up a custom dashboard.

Uninterrupted communication chains

Appointments can be hectic. Offline Excel files, Word documents, PDFs and scans,, email, Teams, Slack, Skype and Zoom. Maintain a single source of truth and avoid common version control issues by keeping each workflow completely within your data site. All features like results, trackers, comments and @reviews can also link to underlying documents to ensure they all use the same source.

But you also know that the deal does not end when the ink dries. Keep your VDR project intact for post-merger and integration use. You have spent months doing the work, and that abundance of knowledge is invaluable for the next step such as regulatory communication and ensuring that the integration goals remain clear when the due diligence team hands over to the integration team after the merger.